We understand having a bad day. We have been there.

We understand being exhausted and living on coffee to make it through another day. We have lived it.

We understand the struggles, big and small, of things like engaging your loved one, communicating with your loved one, struggling through a meal, trouble getting dressed, or needing an hour just to get in the car to run an errand. We have lived it and in some cases still do.

We can help!

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 What’s New with R.O.S. – Helping Veterans



R.O.S. has teamed up with award winning Occupational Therapist, Heather McKay, to bring the Dementia Care for America’s Heroes training program to the R.O.S. University. The series was developed by Heather in partnership with:

National Association of States Veterans Homes,

Armed Forces Veterans Homes Foundation


Air Force Sergeants Association 

America’s population of elderly veterans is now the largest in history. More than ten million veterans are now 65 years of age or older, and the demand for quality care for veterans with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia is soaring. There is help for all caregivers of our oldest and most vulnerable veterans.

For a limited time, you can view Part One of the training series for an introductory rate of only $10. For more information, please visit the R.O.S. University by clicking the link below and watch the video on any device at anytime.

Watch Part One Now

What’s New with R.O.S. – Family Caregiver e-Books

The R.O.S. Activities 101 and 201 for the Family Caregivers books are being digitized and will all be available for purchase and download through your favorite e-Book retailer. Each book is filled with the “How To’s” and “Why’s” to engage your loved one based on the chronic issue they have.

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What’s New with R.O.S. – Mobile Apps and Games

R.O.S. is dedicated to improving quality of life through activities and education for caregivers and the ones they love.