Improving Quality of Life through Activities and Education for Caregivers

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R.O.S. offers engagement products and training for every long term care setting.  Click on one of the boxes below to see what we can do for you

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What’s New with R.O.S. – Family Caregiver e-Books

The R.O.S. Activities 101 and 201 for the Family Caregivers books are being digitized and will all be available for purchase and download through your favorite e book retailer.  Each book is filled with the “How To’s” and “Why’s” to engage your loved one based on the chronic issue they have.

Is a smile for you and your client  worth the cost of a cup of coffee?

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What’s New with R.O.S. – Mobile Apps and Games

R.O.S. is dedicated to improving quality of life through activities and education for caregivers and the ones they love