Improving Quality of Life, One Caregiver at a time since 2010.


Built from a backyard project to help one man enjoy life during his 25 year battle with Parkinson’s and Dementia, R.O.S. has grown into a company dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life for Caregivers of all types and and the ones they love.

We accomplish this mission through innovative products, training and consulting services that teach:

  • Caregiving and Chronic Issue Overviews
  • Family, Friends and the Benefits of Activities
  • Know Your Loved One–Information Gathering and Assessment
  • Communicating and Motivating for Success
  • Customary Routines and Preferences
  • Planning and Executing Activities
  • Leisure Activity Categories – Types, Topics, and Tips
  • Activities of Daily Living – Tips and Suggestions
  • Home Preparation


Since 2010, R.O.S.  has worked tirelessly to provide unique products and programs to provide answers and solutions to the family or professional caregiver who may be struggling.  We get it.  We have been there and in many cases still are.  The products and program we design and use are made with our families and the ones we care for in mind.  Our daily caregiving battles allowed us to provide products and services based on the social model of care for caregivers serving people with all types of issues.

Some of the largest care companies and many families around the world use our innovative products and training.  So while we are all waiting for the researchers and many associations to find a cure, please know that R.O.S. and its entire team is here to help.  We get it, because we have lived it. .