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The foundation of our program for caregivers is the Activities for the Family Caregiver book series.  Based on specific chronic issues, each book is designed to give family members and entry level caregivers the Basics and “How To’s” of engagement, leisure activities and the activities of daily living.   


R.O.S. has built an online University for caregivers of all types.  During NCCAP's Standardization and Certification drive, our courses will be available at   

Additional Training Opportunities

Home Care Certification with a Specialization in Memory Care

We are honored to be chosen by NCCAP to help role out the national standardization and certification program with its goal of training and certifying 100,000 caregivers in one year to help with the growing dementia crisis, the caregiver shortage across the United States and to finally have a national standard for Quality of Life, Activities and Engagement established by an independent, federally recognized agency.

As the only national, independent Standards and Certification body for Quality of Life, Activities and Engagement Certifications in both Long Term Care and Home Care settings recognized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), NCCAP Home Care Certification has now established standards and certifications to insure continuity of care and approach focusing on the following areas:

  • Person- Centered Care – The individual being served

  • Non-verbal and verbal communication skills

  • The benefits of engaging and being active

  • Reducing cost of care through engagement and activities

  • Best practices for engaging a person with dementia

  • Interventions to utilize for aggressive behavior

  • Social assessment and lesson plans

  • Planning and executing activities

National Standardization and Certification Drive

On September 1, 2017, NCCAP is launching a national standardization and certification campaign for the Home Care industry.  NCCAP is working with R.O.S. / Caregiving 101 to manage the online learning experience for individuals that take the Activities 101 Complete course for Home Care Certification at  

NCCAP has approved a program which allows an individual to complete the required Activities 101 Complete course and apply for the Home Care Certification (HCC) for only $30 from September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2108.

Course Topics:

  • The People We Serve
  • What is “Activities” and the benefits
  • Communicating for Success
  • Best Practices for Engaging a Senior With Dementia
  • Interventions to Utilize for Aggressive Behavior
  • Social Assessment and Lesson Plans
  • Planning and Executing Activities
  • When Should You Do Activities and more

Requirements for Home Care Certification and Specialization In Memory Care

The Home Care Certification (HCC) can be applied for by visiting and:

  • Successfully completing the Activities 101 Complete Course

  • Submitting proof of 20 hours of additional continuing education courses which meet NCCAP standards from the NCCAP Body of Knowledge

  • Submitting proof of 6 months (1000 hours) of work experience in the Home Care Field

  • Submitting proof of a High School Diploma or GED

The Specialization in Memory Care (MC) credential can be applied for by visiting and:

  • Submitting proof 10 hours of dementia and/or memory care training which meet NCCAP standards from the NCCAP Body of Knowledge