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The foundation of the R.O.S. program are the Activities for the Family Caregiver books.  Based on specific chronic issues, each book is designed to give family members the basics and “How To’s” of engagement, leisure activities and activities of daily living based on the chronic issue their loved one is dealing with.  There are over 20 books in the complete series. The Caregiving 101 book is an excellent starting point if you do not see the issue your loved one suffers from in our current titles.

Working with various experts, we have created each book as a unique blend of decades of activities and engagement experience mixed with long term care experience.  

Learn new communication and engagement strategies to improve time spent with your loved one. Gain new insight as you learn the “how to’s” and “why” techniques of activities of daily living and leisure. Discover how to turn daily activities and routines into opportunities to start some joy. The books in this series provide much-needed information to address the unique social needs of those who need assistance and those who care for them.


  • Issue  Overview
  • Family, Friends and the Benefits of Activities
  • Know Your Loved One–Information Gathering and Assessment
  • Communicating and Motivating for Success
  • Customary Routines and Preferences
  • Planning and Executing Activities
  • Leisure Activity Categories – Types, Topics, and Tips
  • Activities of Daily Living – Tips and Suggestions
  • Home Preparation
  • Personal History Form     

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