Improving Quality of Life, One Caregiver at a time since 2010.

Every company has caregivers on staff.  66% of them admit addressing caregiving issues while on the job.  This will not stop as 86% of those are caring for a family member.  HR departments will see this issue rise as our population ages and no one is immune to that.  R.O.S. can help you and your employees. 


Families around the world care for a loved one. Many perform this honorable work in silence.  Some are thrown into it  because of an accident or incident. Others begin  the job after a  diagnosis with small steps.  As things progress, they wake up one day and "caregiver" has become the only identity they have and the only thing they do.  Let us help you. 



  1. Home Preparation Tips
  2. Communication Techniques
  3. Bathing, Dressing, Grooming "how to's"
  4. Start Some Joy and Enjoy Life 


  • Activities 101
  • ADL Basic Tips
  • Employees Retention
  • Home Care Certification
  •  Dementia Care
  •  Behaviors
  • Validation


Home Care Agencies and Long Term Care Companies care for millions everyday.  The clinical, therapy and ADL side of care can take up to five hours of any day.  R.O.S. works with and trains the staff members of these company's on the social side of care to enjoy the rest of the day.  Knowing a client, communication, planning and execution are vital.